This agreement was drawn up in all its parts to guarantee the rights of customers and the rights of atoclick and to clarify the obligations of each party.

General Provisions

To start using our services at atoclick you agree that you are of legal age to enter into a binding contract and service agreement between you and atoclick. You agree to:

Provide correct, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by the registration form for a service request (“Registration Data”)
Maintain updated registration data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If you provide any information that is untrue, inaccurate, incomplete or incomplete, or atoclick has reasonable grounds to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, or insufficient, atoclick has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use for the Service (or any part thereof).
All services that we provide are used for legitimate purposes only
We have the right to amend the terms of the agreement at any time with notice to our existing customers
When you register at atoclick, all your personal and financial information is encrypted and kept completely confidential, and is not available to anyone other than atoclick employees to view it except when you request it yourself or at the request of judicial authorities.
We never sell your personal information, including your e-mail in the first place, but some of your information may be used to send our offers only, and you can request to stop sending these offers at any time.
We use “cookies” on customers’ devices, in order to ensure the safety of communication and interaction between us and them. We use “cookies” only in the process of entering and exiting the customer from the control panel of his site and its applications (see the privacy policy).
We are committed to providing technical support at the level of server maintenance and follow-up only. atoclick is not obligated to provide any kind of technical support services for any programs or systems installed on the server (server) by the client himself in return for running a service on his site.
The atoclick organization has the right to cancel the contract with the client and stop the service at any time, while explaining the reasons to the client, and atoclick is obligated to return all the remaining financial rights of the client with a backup copy in the event that the reason for the cancellation is not one of the prohibited activities on our servers.
We care about our customers and always want the best for them, so atoclick has the right to change any clause or article of this agreement at any time it sees it, and the customer is always supposed to be aware of these changes even if he did not receive any alert.
You will receive a password when you register an account with us. After completing the registration process for the Service, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and account and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your password and account. You agree to:

You will immediately notify atoclick of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of security,
Make sure to log out of your account at the end of each session by going to the log out link from your account control panel. atoclick will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with this order.
In case of renewal: the customer is obligated to renew on the due date for issuing his invoice, and the customer is notified of the renewal date at least 15 days prior.
We are not responsible for any business dealings outside our private ticket system or e-mail with anyone whatsoever and under any circumstances
We reserve the right to refuse, terminate or cancel any contract, at our sole discretion
All clients are entitled to obtain hard copies stamped and certified by the company as official contracts in the event that the client requested the service electronically and did not visit our offices. We will be happy to send a hard copy of the contract to the client’s mailing address. Please request the contract by opening a ticket in the customer service area.

Atoclick privacy policy

Logging data and certain other information about you is subject to our Privacy Policy. For more information, see our Privacy Policy at You understand that by using the Service you consent to the collection and use (as set forth in the Privacy Policy).

Payment policy

The amount due is not refunded if the customer violates any of the terms and rules agreed upon in the usage policy of the service provided
No refund is made after 5 days of service delivery
The amount due is not refunded after receiving the work without any clear justification or failure in the terms of the joint offer
The amount is not refunded except upon a direct request from the customer, and by a written message from the customer’s e-mail registered with us, and after confirming with the customer personally via a phone call on the phone number registered with us
Bank financial deposits that are more than 30 days old and their requests have not been implemented due to the owner’s failure to communicate with us by phone, direct personal attendance, or by e-mail or the ticket system approved by the atoclick service, they are considered null and their owner has no right to claim them. Nor claim any service from atoclick.
We do not bear any responsibility as a result of any error in the financial transfer or bank deposits
When depositing sums of money in our account, you must inform us to confirm the deposit within a period not exceeding 72 hours

Website design services

You must pay 50% of the amount before starting work on the service that you requested from atoclick.
The customer must provide us with all the information required to carry out his work, and any other additional matters that we may need to know in order to produce a better work, with our emphasis on the need for the customer to communicate with us throughout the work period, especially in the period of final reviews.
After studying the submitted request and concluding the agreement with the client, we adhere to the agreed period for handing over the work, and any delay that may occur from Before the customer or failure to respond to our messages or confirmation of possible final copies of delivery, we do not bear any responsibility for it under any circumstances.
After completing the implementation of the required work, it is presented to the client, so that he can request any modifications (revisions), and the client must clarify the modifications he requests in full detail so that we can implement what he requests as quickly as possible.
We are not responsible for adding content to the site, of all kinds and forms, and in the event that the customer requests us to add content to his site, he must provide us with all the content required to be placed on the site, noting that there will be additional fees for adding your content to the site.
After completing the entire work, the customer has the right to request any modification as agreed upon in the required design plan
All modifications requested by the customer that were not agreed upon during the final agreement with the customer, the customer must pay an additional amount due to be agreed upon, and this item relates to additional requests that are submitted after the final agreement
In all web design packages, our logo is placed at the bottom of each website we design with a link to the atoclick website, and in the event that the customer does not want to put the logo and the link, he must pay 40% of the work value.
We are not responsible for any errors that the customer may make on his site, and the customer is not entitled to claim any amendment or compensation for what may happen.
Technical support is responsible for assisting the customer in all the work that we carry out only, and for any work of third parties, we do not provide any technical support for it.

Hosting services

It is prohibited to use the website or any of the services for illegal purposes. Such as attacking or hacking a site, device, company or any network or attempting to do so, hacking, publishing and distributing copied or unauthorized materials or programs .. or deceiving, forgery, fraud, threatening or disturbing any person, company or group or publishing pornographic or sexual materials Or publish viruses or spyware or place links to sites that contain such violations.
It is prohibited to violate intellectual property rights, defame a person, an institution, or a company, or intentionally publish any information that causes harm to a company, person, country, or group, and not to place piracy materials, stolen programs, and all that violates the laws of the Internet.
It is forbidden to use the site or any of the services to harm the provider (the server) or other sites on the provider or any other sites. Atoclick has the right to delete or block any program, page or files that cause damage to the server or the rest of the other sites.
atoclick strictly prohibits the use of any of its devices or the provided e-mail for the purposes of sending or spamming messages in violation of the laws. And the customer’s use of mail for purposes contrary to the laws as mentioned above gives atoclick the right to suspend or cancel the account without prior notice, and the customer is not entitled to claim any refunds paid.
atoclick has the right to stop any program or service added to any site in the event of any security or technical defect in it, and in the event of stopping or disrupting this service, the subscriber will not be compensated.
The client is fully responsible for everything that is published on his site from a legal point of view, and atoclick is not completely responsible for any damage that may occur to your work or your site while using any type of program (scripts) or any defect in the sites that are destroyed or hacked by their owners or even As a result of a sudden stoppage of the server or as a result of malfunctions in its internal parts, the subscriber is fully responsible for creating backup copies of the site files, databases, mail contents and other contents of his site.
We alert our clients before the end of the hosting period in several stages: a month before, two weeks before, three days before, and one day before. These alerts will come to you on your registered and approved e-mail. If you fail to pay on the last day your hosting expires, your website will be suspended immediately. After 15 days of non-payment, we will permanently delete your site from our servers, and the customer has no right to claim any backup copies. atoclick shall not bear any responsibility for the damages that may be caused to the customer as a result of this suspension or cancellation of its services.
In the event of a breach of one of the terms of this agreement, we will be forced to suspend your account with us without any prior notice or justification, without assuming any legal responsibility arising from that.
You must read the agreement and agree to all terms before depositing or transferring funds. Once the service is agreed upon and the amount or part of it is transferred, the customer is considered to have agreed to these terms and all the terms and conditions of dealing mentioned on this page apply to him.

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